Silverstone Park application approved's

An outline application for further development at Silverstone Park, adjacent to Silverstone Circuit, on Dadford Road has been approved by South Northamptonshire Council.

MEPC Silverstone GP Limited is behind the application for the mixed use development, which is to provide 25,500 sqm of floorspace.

Following the granting of mixed use development outline consent in 2017, to build over 2 million sq ft of new commercial development, this application relates to three zones (LS1, LS2 and LS3) totalling 2.82 hectares, which were acquired as part of a land swap agreement with the British Racing Drivers’ Club, in exchange for the ‘Arc land’, which formed part of outline planning permission granted in May 2017.

Zone LS1 is 2.44 hectares and located along the Dadford Road frontage between the main Circuit entrance and the site of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel under construction.

Zone LS2 (0.13 hectares) comprises the existing visitor centre to the south of the main entrance into Silverstone Park.

Zone LS3 is located on a parcel of land to the east of the main entrance to Silverstone Park, measuring 0.25 hectares.

Whilst MEPC is seeking a new outline planning permission, the use and amount of commercial development constructed on these sites will be deducted from MEPC’s existing outline planning permission as part of the land swap. This will see the total amount and use of development already approved at Silverstone Park remain the same.

A council document released ahead of the decision on the scheme reads: “The proposal is a land swap with no additional floorspace being approved. The release of the Arc land back to the BRDC will preserve the arrival experience to Silverstone Circuit and, in particular, the Silverstone Heritage Experience and the proposed Hilton Garden Inn hotel.

“The previously approved Design Code will be extended to these three sites to ensure a consistent approach to building design and whilst some aspects still require clarification or amended plans such as drainage and height parameters for LS1, as outlined in the relevant sections above, it is considered that any potential impacts of the development can be largely mitigated and secured through suitable planning conditions and through a Deed of Variation of the original S106 agreement.

“Where harm has been identified, in the planning balance, this harm is outweighed by the substantial economic benefits of the proposed development.

“This new outline planning application is also consistent with the NPPF objectives of promoting and supporting sustainable economic growth, whilst minimising environmental impacts and delivering social benefits to the community.”