New countryside residential development recommended for approval in Weedon

Plans for 47 new homes at Dodford Wharf Farm, High Street, Weedon, have been recommended for approval by Daventry District Council.

The application site is in open countryside and is primarily used for agricultural purposes, though a small haulage business is operated from within the site. The rest of the site is agricultural land used for sheep/cow grazing.

Existing agricultural buildings on the 2.48 hectare site would be demolished for the residential development. The proposal, from applicant Rosconn Strategic Land, aims to deliver 40% affordable housing.

The council has noted that a similar application was refused in October 2018 as “no exceptional circumstances were demonstrated to justify development in the open countryside.” However it has been noted that “a number of circumstances have changed since this refusal.” For instance the Weedon Housing Needs Survey (HNS) has been updated to 2019 providing an up-to-date picture of local housing needs and the Part 2 Local Plan is progressing through examination.

A council document reads: “The development proposed would contribute to providing accommodation to meet the needs of Daventry’s catchment population within an environment whereby the needs of residents are prioritised. The development is sited within a sustainable location and may be achieved without detriment to visual and neighbour amenity, noise, ecology, conservation and landscaping. As such, it is considered that there are no technical impediments to the approval of this application and the proposal would accord with the policies the Development Plan.”