Refusal expected for 150 home development in Mansfield Woodhouse

Plans submitted to Mansfield District Council for 150 homes on Oxclose Lane, in Mansfield Woodhouse, have been recommended for refusal.

The plans would have demolished and cleared the existing industrial buildings on the 3.78 hectare site to make way for the development.

A document released by the council ahead of the final decision on the plans states: “A planning judgement has been made in respect of all of the material considerations and they have been assessed and weighted in the planning balance.

“It is concluded that whilst there is a National desire to build more houses especially on brownfield sites, the adverse impacts of this proposal in terms of its unsustainability / lack of placemaking, the provision of no infrastructure contributions to mitigate its impact (including lack of evidence submitted by the applicant in respect of the proposed abnormal costs), loss of employment land and the reluctance of the applicant to enter into a S106 Agreement to secure an alternative access if the bridge is closed outweigh any positive impacts of the proposal.

“Added to this are the safety concerns for future residents if there was an incident that blocked the single access road and / or works to the bridge were undertaken which required the closure of the road.”