Plans to build houses on paddock land refused permission by South Northamptonshire Council

Credit: RossHelen

Plans to build 21 houses on paddock land popular with dog walkers in Hackleton, have been refused permission by South Northamptonshire Council (SNC).

Larkfleet homes wanted to build two homes on land at the end of Lyne Walk for sale on the open market and 19 homes for what it said was affordable housing.

Hackleton Parish Council objected to the proposals and 18 representations were received by SNC raising concerns over the development.

Cllr Fiona Baker, Chairman of the SNC Planning Committee, said: “Because we have made good progress to plan for the growth of the district, and have taken sometimes tough decisions to grant planning permission for new homes, we are in a good position to manage new housing growth proposals.

“This site is outside of the village confines where development is highly restricted. Exceptions can be made where a housing need is demonstrated, but there was no evidence presented with the application to justify such an exception.

“The Council’s own housing team did not agree that the proposal would have met the definition of affordable housing, and therefore we correctly refused permission because it would have been the wrong development in the wrong place.”

Among seven reasons for refusals, planners said the proposal did not fit into development plans for the area and were considered to be ‘unsustainable, undesirable and unplanned residential development in the countryside.