Plans for more than 300 homes in Leicestershire town tipped for approval

The green light has been recommended for 310 homes on land opposite Stoughton Farm Park, Gartree Road, Oadby. The Co-operative Group are behind the plans.

The dwellings would be constructed across two land parcels with a combined total area of 13.5 hectares (Stoughton Grange and land to the south of Gartree Road).

Existing buildings at Stoughton Grange are to be demolished.

A council document released ahead of a meeting on the plans says: “Based upon the submitted illustrative plans for the site, it has been established to officers satisfaction that the site can be developed in a manner that allows the site to accommodate the dwellings proposed alongside the associated infrastructure and elements required to facilitate the scheme. Furthermore, issues and concerns relating to matters such as education, sport and recreation and affordable housing can be addressed through the applicant entering into a Section 106 legal agreement.”

A design statement submitted on behalf of the applicant says: “The site at Gartree Road / Stoughton Lane provides an excellent opportunity to create a truly sustainable residential development for Oadby. The proposed development can be successfully integrated into the existing urban settlement through the creation and enhancement of existing connections and inclusion of homes and areas for recreation to meet the needs of the area.

“This Design and Access Statement demonstrates the suitability of the land for the scale and nature of development proposed. Furthermore, it demonstrates the potential for the development to contribute to the town of Oadby and the wellbeing of its residents through delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.”