Plans for homes on former dairy site given the green light

Plans from Longhurst Group for 36 affordable houses at a former dairy on Boultham Park Road, Lincoln, have been approved by City of Lincoln Council.

The application site was previously occupied by the Bloutham Dairy, but this has been demolished. The site is also part of a scheme which was approved under a hybrid permission. This scheme included full planning permission for a food store, outline permission for a mosque – both of which have now been built – and outline permission for the construction of houses.

The proposed site for the 36 new homes is currently vacant and, according to a council document, “has an unkempt appearance due to left over debris from the demolition of the original dairy building being stored on site.”

18 two bed properties and 18 three bed properties will be built.

A council document released ahead of the final decision on the application reads: “The principle of the use of the site for residential purposes is considered to be acceptable
and the development would relate well to the site and surroundings, particularly in relation
to siting, height, scale, massing and design. The proposals would also not cause undue
harm to the amenities which occupiers of neighbouring properties may reasonably expect
to enjoy.”