New student flats approved for Derby

Plans to create ten blocks of student accommodation at Lonsdale place, have been approved by Derby City Council.

82 rooms will be provided, and the existing vacant building on the site, previously a specialist car workshop, will be demolished to make way for the scheme.

A council document on the decision says: “The proposal has been considered against the following Local Plan Policies, the National Planning Policy Framework where appropriate and all other material considerations.

“In dealing with this application the City Council has worked with the agent in a positive and proactive manner and has secured further supporting information and appropriate developer contributions.

“The proposed student accommodation would enable the delivery of more and a greater diversity of housing units. Particularly, the proposal could lead to the release of existing accommodation for family/market housing. There are no policy objections to the principle of the proposal.

“It is considered that a satisfactory quality of accommodation can be provided. The proposed design, layout and landscaping proposals will encourage a lively, attractive and welcoming environment on the site. Subject to the imposition of suitable Conditions, there are no technical concerns. There would be no likely adverse impact on neighbour’s amenities.”