Isham warehouse park plans get the go-ahead's

Resubmitted plans for up to 214,606sqm of warehousing and distribution, and office space on land off the A509 north of Isham have been approved by Kettering Borough Council.

The 55 hectare site is currently mainly agricultural land.

DB Symmetry Ltd are behind the plans, which were refused by the Planning Committee in 2018 because highway mitigation measures were “not considered to sufficiently minimise the transport impacts of the proposal on neighbouring settlements, particularly toward Isham.”

The application was subsequently subject to an appeal. The appeal will be considered through a Public Inquiry and is scheduled to be heard in May 2019. The planning barrister however advised that the Council have no prospects whatsoever of successfully defending the appeal. The Council will therefore not present any evidence at the Public Inquiry.

A council document released ahead of a meeting on the resubmitted plans states: “The Planning Statement associated with the 2017 application discusses the economic benefits associated with the proposal; in particular the provision of direct and indirect jobs and increased local spend as well as contributing toward training opportunities. Business rates would also be a direct benefit.

“The socio-economic benefits associated with a development of this size and nature are substantial and should be afforded significant weight in the planning balance. There would also be a limited net-gain in biodiversity and significant benefits to highway users as a result of the highway improvements proposed which will be available to all.

“The pedestrian/cycle link between Kettering and Isham over the A14 is also a significant benefit in terms of their connectivity to one another given that no such safe route currently exists.”