Grantham engineering specialist reveals new testing facility

Grantham-based global engineering specialist BGB has revealed a new testing facility at its development site on Turnpike Close, following a growing demand for its products designed for the wind energy sector.

The rise in competition from low cost competitors in the Far East is continuing to force prices down, which, for many suppliers, is having a major impact on the quality of products produced across the industry as a whole.

The new facility at BGB will allow the business to complete the full manufacturing process and testing on-site, ensuring all products meet the required industry gold standards for operation, without the need for additional examination offsite – reducing lead times where possible for customers.

Nick Hubbard, managing director at BGB, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of products to our partners. Having the means to complete the most sophisticated forms of testing on-site will allow us to manufacture goods that continue to lead on performance, while minimising downtime and maintenance – a major concern for offshore farms.

“For many years, the aerospace industry has taken the lead when it comes to the quality of testing and we’re determined to implement a similar level of quality control for our engineering processes, to ensure we deliver solutions that can perform to their maximum in all conditions.

“Pressure on pricing from the Far East has hit the UK engineering sector hard, so it’s crucial that companies invest in R&D to ensure the service provided continues to attract attention on a global stage.”