Former quarry to become 482 homes in Derbyshire

The construction of a 482 home development named Matlock Spa on the site of a former quarry has been recommended for approval by Derbyshire Dales Council.

The application by Groveholt Limited at Cawdor Quarry in Matlock, was previously presented to Derbyshire Dales Planning Committee in December 2017, where it was deferred in order to give the public time to consider and comment.

The site comprises of the remainder of the former quarry at Cawdor Quarry, the recently vacated Permanite industrial site and open fields to the west of the Permanite site.

There will be a mix of housing in the scheme including 9 one bed flats, 83 two bed flats, 2 three bed flats, 68 two bed houses, 95 three bed houses and 225 houses with four or more bedrooms.

2800m² of commercial floorspace, a shop and a cafe will also be built as part of the development.

A statement released prior to the council meeting making a final decision this week says: “The site has a long standing permission but has not been developed and this at least in
part is because of its challenging brownfield nature. These previous permissions are a
consideration insofar as they legitimised the removal of trees and habitat and if the
quality of the scheme exceeds that previously granted it can be a positive to weigh in the

“The applicants current scheme is considered, if executed as proposed, to be a
superior scheme in responding to the site characteristics and constraints. The scheme in the round has environmental benefits in terms of redeveloping an unsightly brownfield site and meeting the towns housing needs in a sustainable location.

“It also has a downside environmentally in including the development of land beyond the
settlement boundary. In terms of its economic consequences these are considered
beneficial. Both during construction and subsequently employment will be generated and
demand created for existing businesses.

“Socially the scheme performs reasonably well for potential cohesion and accessibility but it does not meet policy on affordable housing. The provision of a shop and restaurant / café also contribute to the social sustainability of the scheme.”