Developer of historic Nightingale Quarter homes vows to keep Brexit at bay

James Dickens, Managing Director of Wavensmere Homes

The property developers preparing to break ground for the £150 million build on the historic Nightingale Quarter site have said “Brexit won’t budge them.”

James Dickens, Managing Director of Wavensmere Homes said Brexit won’t make them budge on building plans for the Nightingale Quarter

Wavensmere Homes, who are currently preparing to start work on the 800 homes on the site of the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary next month, have also called on local businesses to stand firm to weather any storm to withhold Derby’s strong industrial roots.

James Dickens, Managing Director of Wavensmere Homes, said: “While it’s a very uncertain time for many businesses in the UK, we are incredibly confident that our development won’t be affected and it will be very much a case of ‘business as usual’ as we forge ahead with the home builds as planned. We have got a majority UK supply chain and have all the checks in place to ensure that we won’t stumble as this city centre site finally gets the focus it needs.

“Not only will we be creating hundreds of jobs, but hundreds of homes for the workers of businesses within Derbyshire, which include leaders in aerospace, rail, freight hub and distribution. In fact, Derby has been the hub for high quality manufacturing for 300 years and this only looks set to flourish and grow, despite the UK preparing to leave the EU,” he added.

Enquiries opened for the first wave release of the luxury 125 two and three-bedroom homes opened earlier this year, and already hundreds of people have expressed an interest in them.

The £150 million development, which will also include apartments, is set to be built over the next five years on the site of the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

Planning permission was granted earlier this year by Derby City Council, and Wavensmere directors were careful to keep the iconic Pepperpot structures available for the whole community to enjoy and continue being major landmarks of the city. They will be transformed into a community hub café, exhibition space, gym and meeting rooms.

The 18-acre site will be a ‘green oasis’ for residents, including cycle routes, an open air gym and fitness area, children’s play areas and planting throughout the site.

The site was demolished in 2015 and was untouched until being taken over by Wavensmere Homes last autumn

Sales Director Donna Smith said: “We have been inundated with enquiries for the homes and we know as we get closer to the time we break ground and start the build, this will rocket. Brexit will still mean business as usual for all of us, and it looks like most home buyers are feeling this too.”