Detailed plan for 360 new homes in Hugglescote is approved

Credit: RossHelen

North West Leicestershire has made a stride towards meeting its housing need after an application for 360 new homes in Hugglescote was approved.

Outline planning permission for the scheme was already approved in December 2014 with members of North West Leicestershire District Council’s (NWLDC) Planning Committee granting reserved (detailed) matters on Tuesday 12 March.

The site on land off Grange Road sits within the limits to development shown in the adopted Local Plan and forms part of the wider south east Coalville development.  This part of South East Coalville has been earmarked as a large area for up to 3,860 new homes in the future as housing need grows.

The reserved matters application included:

  • A small area of land reserved for a possible extension to Hugglescote doctor’s surgery
  • Areas of large public open space
  • Two children’s play areas
  • Various other areas of smaller public spaces and green infrastructure.

Financial contributions towards healthcare, education and a new primary school in the South East Coalville area, and highway maintenance and improvements were secured at the outline planning stage in 2014. The outline approval also states the development must include a minimum of 7.5 per cent affordable housing.

Councillor Nigel Smith, Chairman of Planning Committee at NWLDC, said: “With the outline plan already approved in 2014, the committee agreed that the details submitted in this reserved matters application met with the Local Plan we have adopted since.

“This land has been long been earmarked for housing and as the need for new homes grows, this is a sensible application for the North West Leicestershire.

“Ensuring there are suitable contributions towards green spaces, education, health and other social needs was very important to us and we’re pleased these have already been secured from the developer.”

Also at Tuesday night’s planning committee, an application to change the building use of the Halfway house in Belvoir Road, Coalville, was approved.

Permission was granted to create a mixed use building for a restaurant and a bed and breakfast. The proposed development includes a new two-storey rear and side extension. Committee members added conditions that will insist the landowner maintains the access road to a suitable standard so that residents that use it to access their properties are not inconvenienced.