Daventry cinema plans recommended for stamp of approval

Plans from Daventry District Council for a new cinema have been recommended for approval ahead of a planning meeting.

The £8.2m cinema is to be built on the Daventry Library site and the former Daventry Grammar school at North Street.

The current buildings on the site would be demolished to make way for the construction of the four-screen cinema, along with a building for two restaurants and a civic square.

The cinema’s four auditoria would consist of two 110 seat screens, one 120 seat screen and a 160 seat screen, to accommodate a total of 500 patrons.

A document release by the council ahead of the decision on the plans says: “On balance it is considered that the proposed development, being generally in accordance with planning policy, can be supported in-principle.

“This is particularly so given the relatively recent grant of permission for a much more extensive redevelop scheme, albeit now lapsed, which would have had a much greater impact, possibly not wholly positive, on the character of the town centre.

“The loss of undesignated heritage assets is regrettable but, in light of the design quality of the scheme proposed and the public benefits offered overall, the current scheme can be supported, subject to the receipt of revised details to address officer concerns over the details of the principal elevation.”