Approval recommended for 200 homes in Lincolnshire

Approval has been recommended for 200 homes on Land south of Wainfleet Road, Boston. A mix of 80% market housing (approximately 160 units), and 20% affordable housing (approximately 40 units) is proposed.

The current site is 9.62 hectares in size and in agricultural use.

A note release by Boston council ahead of final approval, which is to be decided at a meeting next week, states: “The application site is on the edge of the second largest town in Lincolnshire, providing a wide range of facilities and services, which will be easily accessible to new residents. The site is surrounded on three sides by development, so is a logical extension of the developed area of the town.

“The Council is unable to demonstrate a 5 year land supply for new housing, and it is considered that, due to the presumption in favour of sustainable development, and the general lack of significant detrimental impact which would be caused by the proposed development, it is considered that the application should be approved for development.”