Approval recommended for 12 storey student development in Nottingham

Approval has been recommended by Nottingham City Council for a new 12 storey student development named ‘The Vantage’ at Plumb Centre, Waterway Street West, Nottingham.

The application, submitted by RPS on behalf of Southern Grove Traffic Street Ltd, seeks permission for the demolition of all existing buildings on the site and the construction of a part 5, part 6, part 10 and part 12 storey building comprising of 118 student apartments. 462 bedrooms will be provided through a range of 49 cluster and 69 studio apartments.

The application site is positioned within the western corner of the Southside Regeneration Zone on the southern edge of Nottingham City Centre. The 2.77ha site is located at the junction of Wilford Road, Queens Drive, Waterway Street West and Traffic Street and is bound by all four streets.

The site is currently split into two uses. The northern part is a cleared site which has been used for temporary parking while the southern part of the site is occupied by the Plumb Centre trade unit.

A council document states: “The application site is located on the southern fringe of the City Centre which in general terms is an appropriate location for purpose built and managed student accommodation. The latest Nottingham Authority Monitoring Report (March 2017) recognises that there is still a need for purpose built accommodation and the demand for student accommodation remains high.

“It is considered that the provision of further good quality purpose-built accommodation would attract students that would otherwise occupy houses of multiple occupation outside of the City Centre.

“The location of the site is distant from the main areas of high student concentration (largely) to the west, rather being situated in a mixed-use commercial environment at the periphery of the City Centre. It is also set away from the nearest residential area, the Meadows, from which it is separated by the southern ring road and tramline.

“It is concluded that the principle of the development for student occupation is acceptable.

“This prominent site has been identified, in the SRZ, as being capable of accommodating a large building, designed to create a focal point on this approach into the City Centre. The City Centre Urban Design Guide has also identified the application site as falling within a ‘Zone of Reinvention’ where it is expected that a new urban form would emerge, through the introduction of high quality gateway buildings, whilst respecting the wider historic context, and in particular views to/from the Castle.

“In conclusion, it has been established that the scale is appropriate in this location and having regard to key vistas and longer views. It is also considered that the design satisfactorily mitigates concerns regarding the massing of the development.”