150 homes recommended for approval in Leicestershire

Plans from Gladman Developments for up to 150 homes with public open space have been recommended for approval by Harborough Borough Council.

The houses would be built on land off of Arnesby Road, Fleckney. The 10.15 hectare site is currently a parcel of undeveloped agricultural land. A house within the site, Birdcage Cottage, would be demolished if the plans are given the go ahead, to create an access point to the south of the land and make way for the homes.

A council document released ahead of the final decision on the application reads: “The scheme as submitted proposes 150 new dwellings an a medium sized site which could be built out quickly, over £800,000 worth of community infrastructure contributions as well as the provision of on site open space, sport and leisure facilities, highway improvement works which include sustainable travel options and 30% of the scheme will provide affordable housing to meet the defined need.

“The above will have a positive knock on effect on the local economy in terms of construction related jobs and increased patronage for existing local facilities.

“The Council’s consultees have confirmed that they have no objections to the scheme on the technical matters of drainage and flood risk, highway safety and whether the local highway network can cope with the scheme and the ecologist has confirmed that the mitigation requirements relating to the impact of the scheme on ecology are capable of being provided and this will be secured via a planning condition.

“It is also considered that the scheme will not have a significant and demonstrable impact on residential amenity, contributions can be sought from the developer to mitigate the impact of the scheme on the local infrastructure, and the applicant is proposing significant improvements to local open space and landscaping which will have a positive impact on the character and appearance of the locality and the approach into the village along Arnesby Road.”

A design statement submitted to the council states: “The overall vision for the site is to provide a distinctive and high quality place, which enhances the qualities and character of Fleckney.”