WINNA business survey returns to North Notts

Christie Limb

WINNA, the innovative survey first launched in 2010 to find out what makes the North Nottinghamshire area a great place to do business, is making a return.

Hundreds of organisations got behind the original survey, which was spearheaded by Fidler & Pepper Solicitors, with findings shared at a number of open-invite meetings.

The WINNA (What Is North Notts About) initiative aimed to highlight factors affecting business growth, particularly after the 2008 recession.

Now Fidler & Pepper are relaunching the WINNA survey, which has the backing once again of organisations such as Mansfield 2020, particularly in light of the vote to leave the European Union.

Russell Jones, Christie Limb and Luke Rees, all partners at the law firm, will lead the initiative, interviewing a number of businesses strictly in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.

Limb said: “WINNA told us so much about businesses; what was holding them back and what support they needed from a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

“It succeeded in pulling together a ‘local view’ of businesses and the local area which created conversations and debates and strengthened business networks.

“But there has been so much change since the last WINNA survey that we decided it would be a great idea to relaunch it, and share the results with businesses, government organisations, and members of the public”.

Rees added: “We know that the north Nottinghamshire area is a great place to do business but we also recognise that sometimes it is good to take an overall view of what is happening and identify where the plus points are but also where there might be gaps.

“The overall output would be to take the findings to make changes, generate conversations and build new partnerships and relationships”.

The original WINNA survey asked 70 questions of business people, with a particular focus on perception.

For example, it asked about whether businesses struggled to find skilled workers and why, how motivated people were, and what they thought the area was known for.

One of the key questions was about how the recession had affected business confidence, with almost 25 percent saying it had had minimal effect, and 21 percent saying it had had a significant effect.

Questions in the new survey will include a focus on what is stopping businesses from growing and generating more profit, and how concerned people are by the Brexit decision.

The WINNA 2 project interviews should start in October, with interim findings due in December and presentations to share the full results being held in Spring 2017.

Caroline Cox, operations director at Mansfield 2020 said: “2020 was pleased to support the original WINNA survey, and we encourage our members, and others, to take part in the latest initiative”.