Wind power drives windmill’s new website, thanks to Green Hosting

Vicky Stevens, from Make Hay, and Jamie Duff of Green's Windmill and Science Centre in Nottingham.

A company that specialises in powering websites by the wind has helped one of Nottingham’s oldest wind-powered operations to boost its online presence.

Make Hay has created a new website for Green’s Mill and Science Centre and is now hosting the website on servers that are powered by the wind.

“Wind power has been harnessed for hundreds of years by windmills and we are delighted that the new website for Green’s Mill and Science Centre is now also being powered by renewable energy by being hosted on Make Hay’s green, wind-powered servers,” said Vicky Stevens, director of Make Hay, a Nottingham-based ethical web designer which runs Green Hosting.

“The powering of data centres and cloud computing run on fossil fuels is coming close to rivalling the aviation industry as a major contributor to global carbon emissions. That is a big deal! Hosting a website on servers powered by renewable energy is a real way of making sure organisations and businesses are kinder to the environment.”

Green’s Mill was built in Sneinton in 1807 by the father of mathematical physicist George Green and is a well-known Nottingham landmark. Run by Green’s Windmill Trust, the mill has just launched a special £225,000 fund-raising campaign on the 225th anniversary of George Green’s birth to help protect the site for future generations.

“Having been set up in 2006, Green Hosting was one of the first and is still one of a few truly green web hosting providers in the UK, and we are proud to host a wide range of charities, businesses and organisations who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Vicky. “It seems appropriate that Green’s Windmill and Science Centre, which has harnessed the power of wind for so long, has a modern website but is also using the wind to power it.

“We hope the new website will give the fund-raising effort a real boost and help Green’s Windmill Trust to meet its target.”

Jamie Duff, heritage development officer at Green’s Windmill and Science Centre, said: “We are thrilled with our new website from Make Hay and doubly delighted that it is powered by the wind via Green Hosting. It seems entirely appropriate that a place which has relied so heavily on the wind for its operation is also making use of the wind in other areas – and maintaining as low a carbon footprint as possible.”