Video marketing agency wins Campaign of the Year Award

Amir Bazrafshan, Founder of Apricot Video Marketing.

Nottingham based video marketing specialists Apricot Video Marketing won the award for Campaign of the Year at MarketEd Live – a top UK marketing conference that features world class speakers.

The inaugural Campaign of the Year award was open to businesses and brands of all sizes and was judged by a panel of marketing experts that specialised in areas such as experiential marketing, corporate marketing and brand storytelling.

The judges were asked to score each entry out of 10 in the following categories; understanding of objectives, strategic thinking, creativity and effectiveness. A possible maximum score of 160 was available.

Apricot Video Marketing was rated the top entry, with a total score of 146/160.

Managing Director Amir Bazrafshan says: “I can’t say we’ve ever set out on a campaign to win an award, but we’re very proud of this because the core components of the award were down to creative strategy and effectiveness – they’re important to us because it means our clients are getting a great return.

“The campaign was a significant one for us – a global brand who were based overseas, so all communications with them were done remotely via email and Skype. So as well as an award for us, I think it says a lot for anyone being able to deliver quality work anywhere in the world.”

The campaign featured 8 high end video ads and social media elements and resulted in increases in brand awareness, brand reach and sales.