Time Out: Rebecca Harding, Managing Director at Saltwhistle

Rebecca Harding MCIM MCIPR

The weekend is here and that means it’s time to kick off your shoes and relax with another ‘Time Out’. This week’s questions are answered by Rebecca Harding, Managing Director at Saltwhistle, who it turns out is a falconer and will soon be able to pilot a glider…

What is the first thing you do to get the weekend started?                                         I walk the dog! Well, I have three actually and I am their trained human. I am very obedient and perform tricks and everything.

What is your hobby?                                                                                                     I am a falconer and I am currently learning to pilot a glider. Fortunately, I don’t seem to have killed anyone yet doing either, much to my own amazement and everyone elses! I find both activities incredibly relaxing after a busy week. I have to focus on what I am doing and so my mind can’t wander off back to work.

What is your favourite movie?                                                                                       That is so so hard! I love the Avenger movies and fantasise about beating up bad guys, and a good romance goes down well too. However, I am an artistic type at heart and I adore ‘the English Patient’. It’s a beautiful film.

If you hadn’t been successful at what you do, what would you be doing instead as a career?                                                                                                                       Become a pilot, be a vet, sail transatlantic, go to Africa and start a game park, become an explorer, be the first marketing astronaut, write three books (half way through one), have a TV show (working on it) and do ‘stand up’ comedy (currently my dog thinks I’m bloody marvellous), but I’d settle for a go on ‘Have I got news for you”.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?                                                   I’d be Captain Chaos with an ability to deal with any chaos around me …. I exist with 2 children, 3 dogs, 4 guinea pigs, 4 chickens and they all conspire and work against me. If I could sort that lot out….

What is your favourite genre of music?                                                                         Impossible question! There is so much I like. I used to be really into rock and heavy metal, then goth stuff, which my kids think is hilarious. These days I like a bit of everything and I quite like Eminem when I’m driving, much to my children’s embarrassment.

If you could travel to any moment in time where would you go?                                 I would go and meet Henry VIII without question. That would be so amazing. Like Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. Do I get a phone box time machine? I studied that period for A level and I want to meet the guy who was so outrageous with women! Check out the whites of his eyes. How cool would that be?