Time Out: Glenn Crocker, CEO of Biocity Group

It’s almost the weekend and that means another ‘Time Out’. This weeks quick fire questions are answered by Glenn Crocker, CEO of Biocity Group, who has recently become a big fan of yoga…

What is the first thing you do to get the weekend started?                                           I should probably say something impressive but the reality is the weekend starts with a beer – either in the garden at home or we walk along to the Chip and Pin micro pub in Melbourne where I live, which does a fantastic selection of craft beers.

What is your hobby?                                                                                                         I’ve got into yoga in a big way over the past year and am becoming a bit obsessed. I also enjoy cycling, swimming and walking.

What is your favourite movie?                                                                                         My favourite movie is probably Blackhawk Down – great score by Hans Zimmer too.

If you hadn’t been successful at what you do, what would you be doing instead as a career?                                                                                                                           There are lots of other things I would like to do or have done – architect or musician would be very different alternatives.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?                                                     To travel to places instantly – I don’t like wasting time travelling.

What is your favourite genre of music?                                                                           I listen to a broad range of music depending on my mood – Pergolesi Stabat Mater is one of my favourite classical pieces, I love Ella Fitzgerald and swing music, and in the car I might listen to anything from Prince to Ed Sheeren.

If you could travel to any moment in time where would you go?                                   I would like to go back to the point when life first evolved on Earth and find out what happened.