Robin Hood Energy makes children merry with oak tree gift

Robin Hood Energy, the not-for-profit energy company, has joined forces with schools across the county as part of their campaign to plant 300 oak trees in Nottinghamshire.

One of the first schools to receive the trees is Horsendale Primary School in Nuthall. The three oak tree saplings were sourced through the Woodland Trust.

Robin Hood Energy is the first not-for-profit energy company, owned by a local authority. It was set up to tackle fuel poverty and to help give people a cheaper, more helpful alternative to the Big Six.

CEO Gail Scholes says she is proud that the company is leading the way in trying to reduce fuel poverty and also doing its bit for the environment.

“Simply talking about climate change isn’t enough. I want to say I didn’t stand by and watch, that I did everything in my power to help. At Robin Hood Energy we are dedicated to making our business as green as possible and part of that is our commitment to help Nottingham become the first major city to be Carbon Neutral by 2028.

“I’m thrilled that we are able to make this small contribution to our local community. Not only will it help improve air quality for our children, but I hope it will also encourage them to get outside and take an interest in nature and the importance of trees to our ecosystem.”

Oak Trees are amongst the most effective absorbers of CO2, capable of absorbing up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and Horsendale Primary School pupils say they know a lot of good reasons to join in the effort to protect the environment. A keen gardener at the school is Teaching Assistant, Sarah Foster, who said the oak tree saplings will be well cared for by her team of green-fingered pupils.

“I have chosen some children to help plant these trees who are already keen helpers in the school garden. We have raised beds around school grounds, and we grew lots of vegetables this year, also planting out some wheelbarrows too. The children have shown they are very capable of caring for the saplings.”

Amanda Smalley is Acting Head Teacher at the school:“At Horsendale, we are very keen on taking care of our outdoor spaces and children understand the issues and solutions to support the environment for future generations. We hope that by taking part in the campaign that it will bring home to each and every pupil that they too can affect change, and we hope that the trees will still be here, and thriving many years into the future.”