Ready, steady, go green!

Increased concern about air quality and fuel prices are just two reasons why there are now more than 170,000 plug-in vehicles on the UK roads.

And as part of the government’s first ever Green GB Week, a special electric vehicle (EV) motorshow landed in Nottingham on Tuesday (16 October), giving local businesses and the public a chance to interact with a selection of the most advanced, environmentally friendly and cost-effective models.

Bringing the best plug-in cars to Nottingham

As part of the BEIS campaign, a brand new Electric Vehicle (EV) Roadshow toured the country, visiting Nottingham’s Old Market Square. Showcasing the latest in electric and plug-in vehicle technology to local businesses and consumers, residents learned more about the world’s leading models.

The Market Square was transformed into a ‘Mini Motorshow’, with test drive opportunities allowing the public to experience the technology first-hand. The top EV manufacturers were present, including Jaguar, BMW, Hyundai, Mini, LDV, Renault, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo.

Demonstrating the benefits to businesses

In addition to the public Motorshow, Nottingham City County Council will also educated the city’s businesses on the benefits of switching their fleets to EVs through an exclusive seminar at Nottingham Council House.

According to the Green Alliance, a half of all new vehicle sales are made up of private fleets and plug-in cars could save drivers up to £7,400 over three years. A recent EON/GreenFleet poll also suggests that nine in 10 fleet owners are actively looking at EVs as a viable option for their businesses.

Cllr David Liversidge, Portfolio Holder for Transport, said: “In Nottingham we’ve been committed to improving air quality for many years, investing in low emission public transport, such as electric trams and gas-powered buses, and cycling infrastructure, making it easier for people to choose less polluting forms of travel.

“It’s clear ultra-low emission vehicles are the future, which is why we’re working hard to help put more green cars on the road. Work is already under way on installing 230 charge points in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.”