Prestigious industry award for Nottingham Chartered Financial Planner

The outstanding ‘Culture of Learning’ spearheaded by a Nottingham Chartered Financial Planner, coupled with an array of his other professional achievements has been recognised by the Nottingham Insurance Institute.

The High Achiever Award is a highly prestigious prize awarded to the local general insurance or financial services professional who has demonstrated the highest levels of attitude, performance and achievement in their working life.

Nick Onslow, Chartered Financial Planner at Russell Ulyatt Financial Services, the wealth management company headquartered in Nottingham which is part of The RU Group, was named as the High Achiever of the Year at the institute’s gala dinner.

Recently promoted to Russell Ulyatt’s Senior Leadership Team, Nick’s vision led the company to achieve Chartered status in 2016 and its renewal in 2017 was a tribute to Nick’s capacity to embed the ‘Culture of Learning’ into the company, further demonstrating Russell Ulyatt’s continued commitment to raising the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of their staff.

In addition to Nick’s primary role as Chartered Financial Planner, looking after 120 clients for whom he provides exceptional service, his skills as a financial planner and human resources expert have led to him being a sought-after contributor on financial matters to national newspapers and an appearance on Notts TV offering advice on saving for Christmas and dealing with financial pressures afterwards.

However, it’s Nick’s innovative, transformative strategies within the company that, in the view of Ian Browne, really makes Nick’s credentials stand out.

Ian comments: “Nick has been the sole architect of our ‘Culture of Learning,’ transforming the level of knowledge within the business with an emphasis on growth through professional development.

“Recognising that the more knowledge our staff have, the better the outcomes for clients, Nick’s passion for individuals enhancing their own professional qualifications, mentoring schemes, and the provision of regular training events by Russell Ulyatt has created a real buzz around the office and ongoing learning is now the company norm.”

Nick said: “I’m very honoured and delighted to receive the High Achiever of the Year Award. I appreciate the very kind comments made by Ian Browne in his nomination but feel that the award is testament to the aspirational ethos at Russell Ulyatt and great team work which made my achievements possible.

“So really, I’m accepting the award on behalf of the company. We can all reflect on and celebrate this success and use it to motivate us as we move forward with our plans to meet the Chartered Insurance Institutes Higher Standards in 2020.

“I feel gratified that my colleagues show such a genuine commitment to their continued professional growth. Their dedication to self-improvement helps them develop confidence and expertise, and their success is great for morale and, of course, our clients benefit from this ethos. Our investment in people is certainly paying dividends. We recently had 30 exam passes from 22 members of staff which illustrates just how hard they are working.”