Pasty-maker signs sponsorship deal with top surfer

Luke Dillon

Pasty-Maker Ginsters, owned by Samworth Brothers in Melton Mowbray, has signed a sponsorship deal with top surfer Luke Dillon from Newquay who has ambitions to be amongst the world’s top ten.

Lauded as a tour de force in British competitive surfing, Newquay-based Dillon has won every British title since winning the UK Quiksilver King of The Groms, aged nine.Following an incredible start to 2019, and with more than a decade of experience under his board, the World Surf League officially ranked Dillon 74th in the World Qualifying Series.

Kieran Hemsworth, MD at Ginsters, said: “Luke represents everything we at Ginsters, are passionate about dedication, honing your craft, striving to achieve the best… and always celebrating your roots. We couldn’t be prouder to be his official sponsor for 2019 and be a part of Luke’s journey to becoming GB’s highest-ranking male. We can absolutely line-up all the pasties he can eat!”