Nottinghamshire County Council cuts capacity at Southwell Racecourse

Nottinghamshire County Council has reduced the capacity at Southwell Racecourse from 3380 to 3056, a reduction of 324.

The reduction in capacity – which will be detailed on the racecourse’s safety certificate – is due to the shortcomings in the safety culture at a senior level and the way that maintenance and development projects have been managed in recent months.

The county council’s emergency planning team has agreed an action plan with the racecourse managers and will be working with them over the coming weeks to monitor the improvements which they have agreed following an inspection by council officers.

Councillor John Handley, Vice-Chairman of the Council’s Communities and Place Committee, said: “As part of our role overseeing the safety of large venues, we work closely with our partners who manage these premises to make sure that they are safe for all users and they comply with safety rules.

“While there are no concerns about race day safety at Southwell Racecourse, we want senior managers to develop a more professional and systematic attitude to safety culture. We all want to ensure that these venues remain safe for all their visitors and employees.”

In addition to the change to the capacity, the certificate will be amended to take account of recent changes in government guidance. This will ensure that all those present at a sport ground on an event day are kept safe, and that the venue has plans in place to deal with any risk of crowd disorder and antisocial behaviour.