Leicester clothing brand launch sweatshirt to raise funds for meningitis research

claude and co

The owner of new clothing brand Claude and Co has launched an exclusive sweatshirt in memory of her niece who sadly died from meningitis last year, with some of the proceeds from sales being donated to charity Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF).

Abi Dakin 28, from Anstey in Leicester, explained: “My niece Phoebe meant the world to me. Our family were blown over with unconditional love for this perfect little human. Tragically after nine precious wonderful months, in May 2017, Phoebe passed away very suddenly after contracting pneumococcal meningitis, which developed into septicaemia. It is very hard to put into words what the loss of Phoebe meant to us and how much we miss her.

“One burning feeling from the loss of Phoebe was that she will always be such an important part of us, our story and lives – just as we were to her. In the face of the hardest time as a family, I decided that I could do some good in a way that I know how, I designed and created a simple slogan sweater – Part of Something.

“The slogan is positive, full of hope and love. I am sure so many people can relate, not necessarily through loss, but through how much someone will mean to them – your child, your family, your friends.

“I decided, with the support of my sister and brother in law that £5 from the sale of Part of Something sweatshirts will be directly donated to Meningitis Research Foundation. The charity, alongside many others, helped us to gain information, to support and guide in such uncertain times – the endless questions of what had happened, and why.”

Cecily Morgan from Meningitis Research Foundation said: “We’re grateful to Abi and her family for donating proceeds from the sweatshirts in memory of Pheobe. It’s a lovely thing to do in the face of such tragedy. These funds will help us continue our vital work including our research, awareness and support programmes.”