John Pye honours long-standing employee with lifetime achievement award

L-R: Don Burton & Adam Pye

Family business John Pye Auctions honoured an employee of 33 years’ service with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations last month.

Following a career working as a metal polisher at UK power stations, Don Burton joined John Pye Auctions in March 1985 to work as an auction porter, when the company was based at Nottingham’s Cattle Market and had just four employees.

Fast forward 33 years and Don is still proudly working for the company at the age of 81 alongside 420 other employees.

Don was recognised for his hard work and dedication to the business at a glittering celebration ceremony that took place at the Nottingham Council House on Wednesday 28th November, which marked the 50th anniversary of the family business.

Managing Director Adam Pye opened his evening speeches with thanks and gratitude to his parents John and Ann Pye, before inviting Don to join him on the stage.

Adam commended Don for his long service to the family business and opening his speech, he said: “Don has been an absolute treasure in teaching the skills that everyday people miss nowadays. And the fact remains that where people are lost in their phones, laptops and behind their screens, Don is the type of gentleman who will show someone what to do rather than tell them what to do.

“Simple things like, how to use a sweeping brush and how to use a hammer and these are key skills that are getting lost in everyday society. Still, at the age of 81, Don is flowing down his knowledge to everyone in the business.”

In recognition for his dedication and loyalty to the company and the Pye family, Adam Pye presented Don with a cheque for £15,000 as a thank you from John and Ann Pye and the rest of the family.

Don and his wife have always dreamed of sending their granddaughter and her parents to Disneyland Florida and this kind gesture from the Pye family will allow them to fulfil their lifelong dreams.

Adam continued “Its people like Don that inspire the younger generation and its these people that drive the business forward. Don has led from the front and has been an unsung hero in our business.”

In Don’s recognition, the company has introduced a new award for its apprentices and those new employees who join the business fresh out of school or college, or those with no formal education, which will be known as the ‘Don Burton Achievement Award’.

Every year from now on, the company will honour three people within the business who have shown growth and willing within the business over a period of time. As a result, the employees recognised for their achievements will each receive a financial reward for their dedication to the business and the difference they have made.

In acceptance of this award, Don thanks John and Anne Pye and said: “I’ve enjoyed my time in the company and I’ve enjoyed your company. Thank you. I appreciate it.”