Festive Fool fundraiser

CandyBox Images/shutterstock.com

Derby’s Safe and Sound is appealing to its supporters to become a Festive Fool to help raise money for the charity.

Individuals, teams or entire workforces can sign up for the sponsored challenge being run by Safe and Sound to wear a festive outfit during the charity’s Festive Fool week.

Last year, Safe and Sound’s Marketing and Development Manager Rhiannon Hulse dressed up in different festive costumes all day, every day, between December 1st and Christmas Eve.

The money raised helped one young person this year to receive the full support they needed to Move to Safety following abuse.

Rhiannon said the goal this year was to raise £2,500 during Festive Fool week, which runs from December 11th to 15th 2017.

Rhiannon said: “‘Festive costume could be a classic elf or Santa outfit, a character from a festive film or song or something completely unique, it’s all up to you and your interpretation of foolish.

“Challenge yourself or your team to do it for one whole day or if you’re a big festive fool, the whole week.

“While we have designated 11-15th December as Festive Fool Week you can choose any day or week in December for your festive foolishness.

“We find sponsors will likely donate more the longer you play the Festive Fool for, the funnier places you have your picture taken in, the more pictures you post online, and generally the more foolish you look.