David Nieper launches competition to find young design talent

Pictures taken at David Nieper Clothing in Alfreton at the Fashion for Free Awards ceremony where local schools design garments and accessories from everyday objects (Photo by Fabio De Paola)

Derbyshire fashion house David Nieper has launched a competition for 5-11 year olds designed to recognise and reward some of our best and youngest designers.

Partcipants are encouraged to design their own textiles creation.

The Fashion for Free! competition has been established to help encourage children to use their imaginations and learn how to create and make things.

The final judging will take place on 15th June, when participants are invited to attend an event at the fashion house, which includes an interactive factory tour where they will visit the sewing rooms and design studio and learn about how clothes are made from start to finish.

The children will also have the opportunity to join in fun, craft and sewing activities during the day, before the presentation of prizes.

The event is called Fashion for Free! as the children are not allowed to spend any money on their design, but must find something from around their home or school and give it a new lease of life using only old and recycled items.

The theme is “ONCE UPON A TIME…..Fairytale and Fantasy.”

Managing director Christopher Nieper said: “Children are the future! It’s well known that British fashion manufacturing has shrunk beyond all recognition with the majority of designers and retailers taking production offshore in search of cheaper labour.

“Our family company has never left these shores and has been loyal to British skills for 55 years. It’s our pleasure to encourage creativity in schools and give talented young people an opportunity to use their initiative and creativity with this wonderful ‘Fashion for Free!’ competition. I wish the very best of luck to all the schools and children who take part and look forward to awarding the prizes in June.”