Creative agency launches own beer

L-R: Shaun Cole and Ben Trafford.

A East Midlands creative agency has launched its own beer as part of a marketing drive to promote creativity.

Born Agency – with offices in Retford and Radcliffe – has launched its first batch of limited-edition ale after seeing a study that found that small amounts of alcohol improve creativity.

Founders of the agency Shaun Cole and Ben Trafford said that they came across the research in a Psychology Today study that said that small amounts of alcohol improve creativity – so they took the recommendations to heart and decided to launch their first batch of limited-edition ale.

Born Beer is already proving a big hit with new and prospective clients, who love the taste of the ale but also get the sentiment behind the campaign.

“Creativity is at the heart of what we do in developing campaigns and producing everything from websites and marketing material to exhibition stands – and the challenge is always to help our clients to stand out from the crowd,” said Shaun. “And anything that helps that process is a good thing – even in small amounts, such as a bottle of beer.

“I saw the article in Psychology Today by Alexander Blum, and the headline was ‘think of the brew as a psychic technology fostering communication as well as relaxation’. That just set Ben and I off on a train of thought about how we could help to increase the creative communication with our clients to produce better work.

“We’re well known for our Born Doughnuts and using a sugar fix as part of our creative process, but Born Beer takes this to a new level. The fact that it has proven to be a talking point of its own with clients is a great starting point for marketing or creative campaigns.”

Once they’d got the idea for Born Beer, the duo approached Newark-based Milestone brewery and asked them to brew up their first batch – for which they designed their own label.

Ben added that it was a proud moment to see Born Beer come to life – and, more importantly, taste it.

“When we founded Born Agency to provide a full complement of marketing and design services, we never thought that two years on we’d have our own beer,” said Ben, who admitted that he and Shaun have opened a couple of bottles to toast the growth of the company, which now has clients including Simons Group, Marley Eternit, University of Lincoln, Wilson Organisation, TBAT Innovation and the NHS.