Council considers creating company to manage young people’s services

Philip Owen

An independent charitable company could be formed to manage some of Nottinghamshire County Council’s services for young people.

The idea for the future management of the Youth Service and Outdoor Environmental Education Service has been discussed by the county council’s Children and Young People’s Committee today. The committee wants the service to explore the idea of a charitable company in more detail.

Nottinghamshire County Council says it is committed to protecting and developing its youth service provision – Nottinghamshire has one of the largest open access youth services of any local authority in England. It also has environmental education centres at Hagg Farm and St Michael’s in Hathersage, Perlethorpe, Brackenhurst and Sherwood, and manages the Mill Adventure Base in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

The Children and Young People’s Committee is also looking at the best ways to manage and continue its mobile youth service provision.

Similar ways of managing services have proved successful in other areas of the county council. For example, the independent organisation Inspire has been managing the council’s libraries, archives, arts and community learning services since 2016.

Councillor Philip Owen, Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Preserving and enhancing our youth service is one of our priorities in this administration. Moving services to a charitable provider would not only reduce costs, but has the potential to bring in new streams of funding to benefit our young people.”

The council’s Children and Young People’s Committee has agreed for a project plan to be started to explore the ideas in more depth, and to return to the committee at a later date.