Back to School for The RU Group

Andy Dyke and Steve Arscott

Students across Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield are set to benefit from the advice of one of the region’s leading financial services groups as part of a new charitable partnership.

The RU Group has partnered with Young Enterprise, the UK’s largest enterprise charity, to act as volunteer business advisers for students who will be taking part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

Staff from The RU Group are looking forward to working with Young Enterprise to support young people across a range of activities, from delivering talks on careers to partnering with teachers to support enterprise projects in the classroom. In doing so, they’ll be helping young people to develop a range of employability skills and to gain an insight into the world of work and businesses.

The link between the two companies is a perfect fit that will benefit young people in cities where there is need for increased financial literacy and access to business mentors and support for students.

Ian Browne, Head of Advice for the RU Group explains: “Partnership activities such as this are more common in London and the South East, where there can be greater access to the UK’s largest financial services firms, but the Midlands and South Yorkshire is often overlooked.”

“We have partnered with Young Enterprise as they work nationally. Our aim is to share our expertise to help young people in the region become more financially savvy as they begin their adult lives, but most of all, be on hand to act as mentors to advise and help them as they make the transition from schools to further education and the world of work.”

“We have our own ‘Culture of Learning’ within the business and working with Young Enterprise means we can harness the energy of our ethos to have a positive impact in the community. We are not a large company, so we can’t employ 100 apprentices a year, but we can use our expertise to work with schools and impact the future of hundreds of students across the region.”

The RU Group which comprises Russell Ulyatt Financial Services, Greenhalgh Financial Services, Hart Shaw Financial Planning and Shevill Parkes Financial Services is strongly committed to its ‘Culture of Learning’ which has led to the group achieving the landmark “Chartered Financial Planners” status by the Chartered Insurance Institute, two years in a row.

This demonstrates the sustained commitment by The RU Group staff to their continuous professional development. Indeed, people work so hard to further their qualifications it may seem as if they have never left the classroom!

Having seen the positive impact within the RU Group of the focus on professional and personal development and the benefits of having a team of experienced in-house mentors to support their own staff who are pursuing qualifications, whether these be apprenticeships or higher level financial qualifications, the company decided to cascade the proven benefits by getting into the community to share their knowledge, skills and experience and have as wide an impact as possible.

Ian Browne explains: “Given that the companies within our group all operate in the financial sector, we decided to focus our work in the community over the next 12 months on providing financial education to students.

“We’ve chosen to work with Young Enterprise because they already have a well-established, highly regarded programme in place which supports an average of 250,000 students annually. We are excited to be partnering with the charity to help further its work in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.”

With new programmes scheduled to roll out in September, the RU Group volunteers are beginning to prepare for their roles as business advisers and Steve Arscott, Regional Manager of Young Enterprise is delighted to have them on board, commenting: “The partnership will enable hundreds of students in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire to build key employability and financial capability skills through Young Enterprise programmes delivered in local schools supported by RU Group staff.

“They’ll be enabling young people to make the connection between school and the world of work, enabling students to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed.”

The RU Group volunteers are keen to get started and look forward to playing their part in the programme and feel privileged to be on board this dynamic approach to learning which will help students to prepare for life though enterprise.