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What do candidates look for in a job advertisement?

Most people assume that it is easy, but it can be challenging to ensure that your job advert appeals to the right talent and then that these candidates complete an application. It is vital to write your job adverts geared towards the right people.

Below is a closer look at what candidates are looking for in a job advert.

Key features

Formatting is essential to write the advert as you would normally. Recently, there has been a trend where job adverts are written all in capital letters, which makes it harder to read. The other key features seem apparent, but it is surprising how many job adverts miss some out. Some things should be considered a standard when writing an ad:

· Job title. In recent years there has been an emerging trend of using words like ‘ninja’ or ‘hero’ in job titles, and nothing turns off an applicant quicker. Stick to traditional job titles and do not overstate the role.

· The details of the position include the expected duties and responsibilities for the role.

· How secure is the position? Is it maternity cover, fixed-term contract, or a rolling contract?

· Where is the job? Is there a base, or is it remote working? Give an approximate location. If you are uncomfortable including the full address at this stage of the recruitment process, give a basic idea. Does the job require travel? If so, outline this too.

· A person specification. Does the role require previous experience? Are there any necessary skills or qualifications? Try to divide the list of criteria into requirements and desires to broaden the field of potential applicants.

· The salary and any other benefits the role includes, such as flexible working, holiday entitlement and any discounts.

· Contact details in case applicants have any questions.

· A brief summary of your organisation, include the objectives and goals for the future.

· Lastly, include the next steps that you expect a candidate to take. When posting on online sites applying Is usually as simple as clicking a button. If you require any additional steps, list it, perhaps you would like a portfolio of previous works, or maybe you require an aptitude test? State any necessary next steps clearly.

These are the basics for any job advert, and applicants expect these as a minimum. If you struggle to write job adverts or simply don’t have the time to consider outsourcing or seeking templates. Hiring People is a company that specialises in the creation of job advertisements.


Honesty and transparency are also a priority for job seekers. Most candidates only apply for jobs when they feel the advertiser has been totally honest about all aspects of the job. Never overstate the salary, bonus scheme or expected commissions. Stick with simple, straightforward language avoid gimmicky phrases and buzzwords as these can be seen as a turn-off. Be clear and concise, as too many details can also be a deterrent.

Mobile users

Most people search for jobs on their smartphones, but a high number of job ads are not optimised for this. If a potential candidate has to scroll and scroll and scroll, they’ll likely give up. One line on a desktop can equal up to five on a mobile phone screen. First impressions matter, so make it easy and accessible for all potential applicants.


Writing a job advert can be a lengthy process. It should take time and consideration. Rushing the posting of a job advert leads to sloppiness and inaccuracies, which put off potential recruits. They see this carelessness as an example of how the business operates. Proofread thoroughly before posting.

Where is it posted?

Posting the job advert in the wrong places is obviously ineffective. Where does the target market look for jobs? Once you have decided where to post your job advert, you should ask yourself if it is optimised for searches. Job seekers often use keywords when searching for roles; make sure to include these. Using SEO techniques can help boost the listing to allow more job seekers to find it.


Does the advert look professional? If the advert is messy or hard to read, candidates gloss right over them. Some companies also choose to add infographics to stand out. These infographics can be effective in catching the eye of candidates. Consider adding your company’s logo to your job description – this can also help applicants who wish to research the companies. When logos are included, they know they are looking up the right business.


A well-written job advertisement will attract the best talent. Using the above tips when writing an ad will ensure a wider talent pool to choose from. However, once the applications come rolling in, do not lose your hard work. Decide on some things you wish to measure the success of the applicants by and keep track of them.

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