Tips to find Microsoft Office 365 Activation Keys

You may have heard of Microsoft Office 365 Activation Keys before but you’re still in the dark about what these are and what they do. It’s a good thing you’re reading this because you can now gain some information on what exactly are Activation Keys and how to find them.

Let’s understand first what Microsoft Office 365 Activation Keys are.

What Are Microsoft Office 365 Activation Keys?

Microsoft Office 365, simply known as Office 365, is a business-oriented software package made by the Microsoft company that you can avail of via subscription.

Essentially, Office 365 is basically a group of apps and services combined in one package for the convenience of the business user. It contains the following features:

● MS Word

● MS Excel

● MS Powerpoint

● Other business apps

● OneDrive

● Microsoft Teams

You can download a free trial version from the Microsoft website, which you can use for 30 days before the software automatically disengages important apps. You’ll then need to pay for a subscription.

You’ll need an activation key to be able to install then use Office 365 apps or services. Sometimes, an activation key is called a product key. If you’ve paid for a subscription, you can get an activation key from Microsoft itself.

On the other hand, you can follow these tips when finding other sources for your Microsoft Office 365 activation keys.

Possible Sources of Office 365 Activation Keys

There are some online techies who claim that you can unlock Office 365 with their own activation keys, but that may create problems regarding copyright. It’s easier to buy the subscription from Microsoft so that you can get the legitimate activation keys.

If you’re looking for a reliable source of the right activation keys for the software package, you might try the – Office 365 site for now. You can also search online for other websites that claim to offer legitimate Office 365 activation keys.

Just be careful that you won’t be paying anything to shady characters that ask you for money right away. The product keys they sell might be bogus in the first place. You might also get in trouble with Microsoft if you use such bogus product keys, which may infringe on the correct license for the software.

If you need someone to help you install Office 365 on your system, you can ask Microsoft itself about the partners that linked up with them for assistance. These partners are authorized to provide assistance with the installation and other problems related to Microsoft Office 365 use.

Email Receipt

Purchasing the Microsoft Office 365 from Microsoft’s online store will give you access to its activation keys in the most convenient way possible – it’s sent to you as an email receipt. You can expect to receive the email within 24 hours after your purchase from the website.

Carefully follow these tips so you can find your Microsoft Office 365 activation keys through an email receipt:

● Look for an email from Microsoft in your primary folder. If you can’t see the message there, look through the spam, bulk, or junk mail folders of your email.

● If you still can’t find the email from Microsoft after checking these folders and waiting for more than 24 hours after your purchase, access your Order History link from Microsoft’s website. You can still get the email receipt through the link.

● Enter the user ID and password you used to purchase the Microsoft Office 365 and then click on the Digital Content. The product key will be displayed after you clicked this option.

Use Decrypting Programs

Different versions of Microsoft Office 365 will also require different tools for its activation keys. Looking for tools or programs that can cater to all of these versions is not only time-consuming, but it can also cost a lot of money from your pocket.

If you’re looking for activation keys for several Microsoft Office 365 products, download decrypting programs. These are free programs that work by automatically finding and decrypting product keys to different versions of your Microsoft Office 365.

After installing a decrypting program, accept any confirmation prompts, and wait for the activation keys to be shown to you. Take note that your Microsoft Office 365 activation keys will have 25 characters.

Conclusion: Make Careful Decisions

Business users of Microsoft products may need an activation key to install Microsoft Office 365. You can get your activation key from Microsoft directly when you buy the Office 365 suite of apps and services.

However, some may want to get activation keys from other sources. Just be sure that you’re buying legitimate activation keys online so that you won’t be scammed.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to successfully install your Office 365 package on your computer without any problems cropping up.