Speeding celebs and hands-free ban see summer sales soar at Road Angel 

Credit: Kevin Holt

Road Angel, the Nottingham-based speed awareness and dash cam specialist, has reported soaring summer sales, following the debate around a ban on hands-free mobile phones and a series of high profile celebrity speeding cases.

It has been illegal to use a handheld phone at the wheel since the early 2000’s but the Commons Transport Select Committee has said even a hands-free device presents the ‘same risks of collision’.

A public consultation is now mooted for the end of 2019.

More recently this week, comedian Steve Coogan avoided a driving ban after claiming it would stop him from filming his new series featuring keen motorist Alan Partridge, raising the case for speed awareness devices like Road Angel’s flagship product the Road Angel Pure still further.

Gary Digva, Sales Director at Road Angel said: “Summer and the times around Bank Holidays tend to see a sales spike for us as Britain’s motorists are doing a lot more miles and are keen to ensure they are aware of the speeds on unfamiliar roads.

“However, we have seen a huge increase in sales in the last week alone, circa 800% in fact since the news of Steve’s case. Whilst Road Angel does have a large number of celebrity customers we’re all about ensuring that all drivers know the speed limits, especially on new roads and in conditions that vary, notably in the advent of the smart motorways. Anything we can do to help the nation’s drivers stick to the speed limits will make the network a safer place for everyone.”