Small businesses need support in binning ‘throwaway culture’


After the recent release of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) 25 year environment plan, moving towards a longer term strategy to help the environment, Mike Cherry, Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman comments:

“Today’s announcement is a positive move in providing a long-term environmental strategy. Small businesses in all our local communities want a clean and healthy environment.

“The Government can’t achieve its objectives without the help of an energised and empowered small business community.

“In delivering this plan, we need a consistent and progressive approach which provides an achievable pathway for small businesses to innovate, adapt their products and make their investment decisions.

“Smaller firms want to do the right thing and support the continued push to shift consumer behaviour away from disposables towards cleaner, more sustainable alternatives.

“If the UK is to achieve a genuine circular economy, small businesses will need the right support and time to adapt.”