Sleaford Quality Foods to offer customers world-first in spice supply

Sleaford Quality Foods, the high-quality ingredients supplier to the food industry, is set to take the supply of spice products into a new era after its parent company, Jain Farm Fresh, announced it is opening a new state-of-the-art facility in India that will bring forward a world-first.

Jain’s new spice facility in will provide Sleaford Quality Foods and its customers with the highest quality spice products in the world. At 14,000 m2, it will be the largest spice processing facility in India with a capacity of 24,000MT per year, and the only integrated spice facility from drying to milling in the world.

James Arnold, Managing Director of Sleaford Quality Foods. “This is a game-changer for us and, more importantly, our customers. The new facility will provide sustainability at all stages of the process through Jain’s unrivalled contract farms scheme. Spices will be harvested, farmed, dried and processed on-site and the plant has the capability to produce 100% steam-sterilised products.”

Sleaford Quality Foods’ commitment to Fairtrade is also enhanced by Jain Farm Fresh’s approach. The spices processed in the new facility will be sourced via contract farming from 5,000 + farmers.

James added: “We are now able to offer our customers the most comprehensive testing procedures anywhere in the UK, and a technical back-up unequalled across the industry with a total focus on the journey from farm to fork

“We look forward to working with customers old and new to take spice production and supply into a whole new, exciting era.”

Sleaford Quality Foods was set up in 1968 by William and Betty Arnold and is currently headed up by their son James. The company is now operating on the world stage from its base in Sleaford, and is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary with an expansion into a new 8-acre site on Woodbridge Road in the Lincolnshire town.

Sleaford Quality Foods specialises in the supply over 650 dried and dehydrated food products from vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, rice’s, pulses and vegetables through to seasonings and core ingredients. It also has its own Chef William foodservice brand.