Shredall SDS Group starts recycling take-out coffee cups for clients

Nik Williams

Shredall SDS Group is now serving clients as part of a partnership with recyclable coffee cup producer Detpak.

Coffee cups across the UK are being saved from landfill and commercially recycled into paper, with the introduction of Detpak’s RecycleMe™ system, which was first launched in September 2018.

The takeaway coffee cups have been designed using EarthCoating® technology, a highly mineralized resin which is designed to aid the detachment of paper and inner lining during the pulping process. This in turn significantly increases the ease of recycling and quality of the end product.

Shredall SDS Group is now working with hospitals, coffee chains, banks and building societies across the country to collect, sort and recycle the cups at their recycling processing facilities.

Nik Williams, Managing Director at Shredall SDS Group, said: “We’re excited to now be working with businesses in Nottinghamshire and across the UK to facilitate the commercial use of Detpak’s recyclable coffee cups. Takeaway coffees are an ingrained part of our everyday lives, and with this new system, we can massively reduce the environmental impact of that and continue to enjoy our coffees safe in the knowledge that our cups will go on to be reused up to seven times.”