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Should you lease or buy the Vauxhall Vivaro?

Leasing vans and large cars has become an increasingly popular way of getting access to them on a limited budget.

Many people have considered leasing vans that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. The Vauxhall Vivaro is one such van, boasting a new design and a range of extra tweaks that have made it a desirable option for personal and commercial use. But, is it better to lease one or just buy one outright?

About the Vivaro

The new Vauxhall Vivaro isn’t all about storage space and extra carrying capacity, it has
taken inspiration from past Vauxhall cars to create something that is also surprisingly
comfortable. The design combines the spacious feeling of a van with the practical elements
of a typical vehicle, and some extra details and features that aren’t standard in other vans, to help you get an even better experience.

As a vehicle, the Vauxhall Vivaro can fill multiple roles. For example, the large carrying
capacity makes it an ideal transportation for goods or personal possessions, but it can also
double as a people carrier with the 9-seat configuration. Additional features like rain-
sensitive windscreen wipers, a six-way adjustable driver seat, and a range of security
systems can come in handy regardless of how you intend to use the van.

For commercial businesses that need a vehicle, this can be even more important. With so
many options to choose from, you can lease cars that serve a specific role, such as having
multiple 9-person people carriers or vans dedicated entirely to carrying large objects. This
extra flexibility means that they can become a regular part of your business, whether leased or purchased. If you are interested in leasing a Vauxhall Vivaro, head over to to get a quote.

Is the upgrade worth it?

If you already happened to own a van, either for personal use or as part of your business,
then it might seem like a strange idea to move onto another one. However, the Vivaro can
be a strong upgrade choice if you are trying to get away from an older and more outdated
model. All of the general improvements on offer make it an advantageous vehicle for a wide variety of situations and uses, even some minor changes such as the stronger alloy wheels and the improved parking sensor systems.

If you need a new vehicle and want something larger without choosing a full-sized coach
vehicle, the Vauxhall Vivaro is often an improvement over older vehicles and can easily
become a worthwhile upgrade. Different models each have slightly altered designs and
features. Still, even the standard version of the Vivaro is an effective tool for hauling cargo,
carrying passengers, or just performing day-to-day tasks.

What does it offer?

The Vauxhall Vivaro has a range of useful features and improvements, with some being
much more notable than others. Understanding what you get by switching to the Vivaro can make it even easier to see why it is such a popular van, especially among smaller

Driver Assistance

One of the most significant steps the Vivaro takes is the driver assistance systems. The
vehicle uses all of the latest safety technology and aims to provide the same level of care
and support that you would typically see in a high-end passenger car, with a full Heads-Up
Display to give drivers all of the important information they need. Alongside this is a
complete set of camera and radar systems that strive to keep you safer through specific
situations, all of which are active by default as long as they are installed in the van.
For example, drivers get the Lane Keep Assist tools to ensure that they stay in the right lane while driving, preventing crashes against other vehicles or roadside walls. A traffic sign
recognition system also works to identify traffic signs and warn you accordingly if you
happen to miss them yourself, reducing the chance of accidents significantly. Even better is
the Drowsiness Alert system, which warns you to take a rest if you have been driving for too long and are starting to drive in a way that could harm others.

Next, you have the collision alert and braking sensors, which track nearby objects and warn
you if you are potentially going to cause a collision. If that isn’t enough to help keep you safe, you can also rely on the Automatic Emergency Braking system to try and stop your vehicle if there isn’t any other way to prevent an impact.


Of course, a van isn’t a van if it doesn’t have storage space. The Vivaro can hold up to
1,400kg of weight in total, an extra 200kg more than the previous model – or, if you have a
trailer, 2,500kg, which is 500kg more than trailers on its predecessor! This high capacity is
extremely helpful for personal and commercial uses. You will have plenty of room to fit larger items into the back without having to cram them against seats or fold certain areas down.

If you have to transport objects up to 4m long, you can use the 5.30m version of the
Vauxhall Vivaro – this gives you just over 4m of usable, secure storage space, a
considerable amount of room compared to what you are offered with most smaller cars. It
doesn’t just have to be cargo, either: you can fold down the middle seat to hold documents, tablets, or even full laptops, letting you turn it into a temporary office with ease.

Should you lease it?

When you lease a vehicle, you usually can’t make any modifications to it unless they were
previously discussed with the company you leased from. This can be an issue with many
highly-customizable vehicles, but the Vivaro is flexible enough not to require any extra
changes in most cases. If you need a vehicle that can hold a lot of cargo and transport
people with ease, this one will always serve that purpose well. And it might only take a few
temporary adjustments to function perfectly.

One of the benefits of leasing a vehicle like this is the fact that it makes extra features much easier to get hold of – you don’t have to buy the car, then spend more money trying to alter it yourself. Many companies that offer the Vivaro as a lease van might have multiple different Vivaro configurations ready to offer up, giving you more choice with the one you use.

Why not buy it?

Buying the Vivaro is a perfectly valid option and something that you might choose to do in
the future! However, the nature of vehicles like this means they are often meant for a
particular purpose, and leasing can be an excellent chance to get used to the Vivaro before
you decide to buy it. As a newer vehicle, buying one can also be more expensive than older
models, so a lease allows you to get an up-to-date transport van (or cargo van, depending
on your configuration) without eating into your budget all at once.

Whether you buy or lease the Vivaro, you won’t be disappointed, so take some time to think over your options and what you are being offered. There are plenty of ways to adjust the vehicle to suit your needs, so don’t be afraid to look for specific models or configurations ahead of time.

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