Seminar shines light of business mergers & acquisitions / pichetw

An event taking place next month in Nottinghamshire aims to guide individuals through their business with the latest chapter focussing on mergers and acquisitions.

It’s part of a series of four free seminars organised by Hopkins Solicitors, Hampshire Hill Financial Advisors and Stopford Associates aimed at guiding business owners and directors through their full business lifecycle.

The third in these series of seminars will explore the planning involved in a business merger or acquisition.

The overall goal of the seminar is to help individuals uncover what their real motivation is, ensuring their desired outcome is achievable.

It will then help business owners and directors to ask the right questions, value the business accurately and understand the full process so they can plan this project from start to finish, avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Hopkins Solicitors has recently grown via two acquisitions, so the company can provide real life examples of how it can go smoothly and successfully, alternatively what steps are easily overlooked during this busy time.

In addition, the company will shed light on the human side, the emotional highs and lows through the process and the importance of having a strong team.

Moreover, Brian Stopford from Stopford Associates will explore how to value the business, while Richard Hampshire from Hampshire Hill Financial Advisors looks at what new assets are being acquired and what to do with them.

Tom Stendall from Hopkins Solicitors explores the legal process, while marketing professional Tammy Butler goes into the importance of communication with staff, customers and the press.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 17 July at Forever Green Restaurant in Rainworth. Click here to find out more and to book tickets.