Robin Hood Energy joins up with The Robot Exchange

Gail Scholes with Andy Wallace

Robin Hood Energy, the not-for-profit energy company, has joined up with Nottingham-based The Robot Exchange to help drive efficiency and automate payment processes via Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The Robot Exchange specialises in delivering intelligent automation solutions through RPA, allowing a quick return on investment with limited requirement for capital investment, IT development resources or long integration projects.

Working with the Robin Hood Energy team, The Robot Exchange has helped to automate the voids process, identifying opportunities and remedying inefficiencies. The automation of direct debit processes has also allowed the redeployment of Robin Hood Energy’s team to continue to support their customer queries, unlocking more investment in customer facing activities.

Andy Wallace is CEO of The Robot Exchange, explains: “AI sometimes has a bit of an unfair reputation of being a gimmick that will help organisations sell more to customers. However, Robin Hood Energy has been clear since the start of this project that any innovation should focus on how AI can benefit their customers above all else and that is what we have delivered, freeing up human resources to work on key areas that need bespoke or more nuanced approaches.’’

Gail Scholes, CEO of Robin Hood Energy said: “We are proud to be shaking up the energy market. However, to do this properly requires a different approach and The Robot Exchange is perfectly placed to use their technical expertise to drive extra customer benefits through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

“Now we are working together on how AI can identify and predict the behaviour of customers who may be struggling, identifying markers of potential vulnerability before they begin defaulting on payments. The application of AI will allow us to proactively prevent extra distress as early in the process as possible. We can then offer the right type of support from our team who, thanks to AI, have been freed up to work on these more complex scenarios.”