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Reasons to consider offering visualisation and rendering to clients

Using the traditional 2D rendering service can lead to unforeseen problematic issues, especially when used for more complex kitchen designs. As technology advances, the power and abilities that 3D rendering and visualisations now have is unmatched.

Not only are they both on the rise and are expected to continue in the years to come, but they can also help you offer an unparalleled service to your clients. Alongside this, they can also help to transform your portfolio of work to further expand your client base.

Luckily, you do not have to be an expert in either fields as there are numerous businesses designed to help you build an impressive portfolio. Their 3D rendering and visualisations can help in boosting your business up, marking you out as the ideal choice for clients amongst your competitors.

By making the switch to 3D rendering and visualisations, such issues can easily be overcome. If you are considering implanting 3D rendering and visualisations into your services, here are just a few reasons as to why it could be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Quick And Simple To Distribute And Share

It can be challenging to share and distribute hard copies of drawings and plans with clients and colleagues. If you have 3D renderings, then you will have digital images which you can simply send to those who need them by email. Alternatively, if there are multiple images to share, you can upload them to a protected section of your website that is locked. You can share the code with clients to access them.

Another option is uploading the images to Dropbox and sharing the link with everyone. The benefit of this is that the quality of the images do not need to be reduced as there is no need to worry about the emails bouncing.

Considerable Amount Of Time Saved

Making the switch to offering 3D rendering services could help to save you an abundance of time. By choosing a company that offers 3D rendering and visualisations, they can help you in marketing yourself as the perfect choice for clients in designing and building their dream kitchen. Each project is different as they all have different requirements and design ideas. Having a developer on board who will develop the design and provide a finalized images for the client to sign off, will help to save time.

Using the traditional “mood boards” to convey design ideas and concepts to clients is still a tool that is regularly used. However, there are countless projects that are rejected by clients due to the “uncertainty” that comes along with it.

By using 3D rendering and visualisations, it can instantly convey to the client the design you think they would love and get them on board.

Unanimous Understanding Of The Vision

It is easy for designers to visualise a kitchen space through drawings and mood boards. However, this is not so simple for clients who may have a harder time trying to envision the space from abstract plans and drawings. There is also the possibility of working with clients where there is a language barrier. Not only is there the challenge of not speaking the same language, but also the uncertainty that both parties have a clear understanding and are on the same page.

This is where 3D rendering comes into effect, helping to bridge the gap between both parties.

With 3D rendering constantly improving due to the advancements in technology, the only challenge clients will encounter is telling the difference between the images and a real photo. Additionally, with 3D rendering you can also show clients how the project will develop and look during the various stages.

Regardless of how simple or complicated a project is, having a clear visualisation of what the outcome will look like will mean that everyone is on the same page about what is to be expected at the end of project. Another benefit is that it helps to create a higher client satisfaction, as well as build an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to voice their needs and opinions.

Avoid Potential Problems

One of the invaluable options that 3D rendering has is that the designs can be reviewed by all of the decision-makers, prior to the beginning of construction. What this entails is that any potential problems or design flaws are spotted early on in the process by quality control. Also, it is highlighted by almost every other department that is involved in the project and its construction.

Having the ability to see what the end result should be, means that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of what the outcome should be. This allows each department to work together to find solutions quickly. Also, if the preferred materials look bad, then you will all be aware ahead of time.

Another factor is that the client can very easily change their mind. They might prefer a different colour or they feel as though there is something not right about the proposed design. By using 3D rendering and visualisation, there is the ability to alter the whole design and make it perfect for the client before you have committed to constructing it.

This valuable tool has the ability to possibly save a significant amount of money when it comes to having to potentially make subsequent changes to an already built structure.

Simplicity In Showcasing Concepts

For almost every project there are a few various concepts and available options. These can range from colour schemes both light and dark, the placement of windows and doors, and also the layout of a room. By using 3D renderings to share ideas with clients, it shows them and decision-makers a selection of options to choose from, all of which effortlessly illustrate what is possible but is also a great collaboration tool.

Ahead Of The Competition

By offering 3D rendering and visualisations you are ahead of most of your competitors in your industry. There are a handful of businesses in the industry still using hardcopies of their 2D drawings. However, it is becoming increasingly common that clients are asking for 3D renderings from companies they may potentially work with.

If you offer visualisations in addition to 3D renderings, you can stand out amongst the competition as a more premium offering. There is no other medium which can compete with the beauty, simplicity and the visual capabilities that a quality 3D render can provide. As a result, it helps to make both you and the project stand out amongst competitors.

Precision It Provides

When working with 3D rendering, you are constantly being updated with any feedback and calculations from your computer. It can inform you on whether your measurements or solutions are accurate or not. This leaves no room for a calculation error, as you are able to immediately notice a mistake and correct it swiftly and accordingly.

Looking at 3D renderings, you are able to clearly see the physical dimensions of objects and counterspace. Also, you can have a full picture of the complete layout to refer to.

Ultimately, the accuracy and precision that 3D rendering has for projects, makes it incredibly attractive and desirable for clients, both current and potential.

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