Productivity gains hamstrung by tech issues, research finds

Credit: Yeko Photo Studio

Productivity gains for businesses in the UK is being hamstrung by tech issues with just four in ten employees having received training to work remotely.

According to research from productivity specialist, 99&One, companies are still not getting basic technology configurations right.

The study of 2,016 flexible workers found that 17% of employees still experience connectivity issues when working remotely.

Employees are not being helped by their employers either, as 43% have received additional training or support on technologies to work more flexibly.

This is despite trained workers being more than twice as likely (45% compared to 18%) to say that they get more work done in the same amount of time when working flexibly.

The future workplace

There is currently a notable shift away from traditional nine-to-five working hours. The research found that 66% of workers say they are more productive when they work flexibly.

The main reason flexible working saves workers time is by them not having to travel into the office, with the average worker spending 55 minutes per day commuting.

Other reasons include fewer interruptions (50%), not needing to dress formally (36%), the ability to turn off distractions (34%) and not needing to answer the office phone (24%).