New Chesterfield-based mainline supplier enters commercial gas market

AvantiGas ON, based in Gisborne Close, Staveley, offers more than 60 years of combined energy experience from its team of senior managers who are dedicated to bringing natural gas to British SMEs.

Launching a flexible, fully-online service with competitive pricing and advanced meter technology – including accurate remote readings and online consumption data – the team of 12 is headed by managing director, Dean Ewart, who brings more than two decades of gas and electricity energy supply experience and was a leading figure in the 1998 energy deregulation movement which redefined the market to offer more supplier choice to users.

Formerly the MD of British Gas SME Energy and with experience at Gaz de France, Dean is an industry expert with a keen insight into the complex and ever-changing energy market – and how these changes can affect smaller businesses.

Dean explains: “The natural gas market is a highly competitive arena but we have the perfect offering for today’s hard-working business owner in a management system fully accessible 24/7 and easy-to-view online consumption data, allowing greater control and ultimately the capability to manage usage.

“Because we know that the choice of potential energy suppliers can be overwhelming, we have put together a package specifically for SMEs which includes features such as flexible payment methods and no high-priced standard or default tariffs – all aiming to build trust with our customers. And in recognising the frequent lack of admin time available to many small business owners and managers, this new package encompasses automatic meter reads, flexibility regarding the contract length and our new portal offers the opportunity to self-serve at a convenient time to suit our customers.”

AvantiGas is owned by the international energy giant UGI, an American based company which has been growing its market share in energy supply across Europe over the last seven years. Dean added: “With the company’s provenance rooted in the global conglomerate, UGI, we have the experience, confidence and investment backing to create a successful and dependable supplier.”