Midlands SMEs spend 12 working days removing unplanned waste

Midlands SMEs spend 12 working days removing unplanned waste

Over a third of SMEs in the Midlands are wasting up to 12 days a year removing emergency, unexpected waste items from their premises, according to Biffa.

Whether it’s broken furniture, unwanted items, or redundant fixtures, there are times when all SMEs are tasked with removing bulky, infrequent waste items.

With each unscheduled incident taking up to eight working hours on average to handle for 38% of Midlands-based businesses, companies are missing out on vital working time and inhibiting economic growth and productivity.

The results mean that, for a business dealing with emergency waste on an average monthly basis, over a third are likely to lose up to 96 working hours a year – the equivalent of 12 working days – dealing with this problem.

As businesses might not have enough waste or space to warrant hiring a skip, there can often be a build-up of items on premises, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

To tackle this issue, Biffa has launched the new 321 Gone service under the OneCall family offering following customer feedback asking the firm to deal with smaller quantities of unplanned waste quickly and responsibly.