March workshop to explore safe storage & handling of bulk cargoes in ports and at sea

Explore safe storage & handling of bulk cargoes in ports and at sea

An upcoming course aims to examine the issues surrounding the safe handling and storage of bulk materials for Port and Terminal Operations.

Taking place between 10 and 11 March at Chatham Maritime in Kent, this short course will discuss real life issues and will determine best practice for future developments.

Hosted by The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, in association with ABTO (Association of Bulk Terminal Operators), the workshop will explore subjects including:

  • Ship unloading technologies (Grabs vs CSUs, different CSU technologies)
  • Conveying technologies (pneumatic versus belt)
  • Storage and discharge technologies (silos, flat stores, stacking etc)
  • Loading, unloading control (weighing, controlling ship bending etc)
  • Rail and road outloading equipment and control
  • Explosion and fire risks and management (ATEX, fire control & management)
  • Mobile plant and safety
  • Developments in automation and autonomous vehicles
  • Dust control and environmental protection
  • Controlling cargo damage (particle degradation, spoilage, water damage etc)
  • Wear protection and maintenance
  • Cargo characterisation for handleability and other issues.

The Centre’s successful and well received first course last year included a visit to The Wolfson Centre’s pilot plant. This visit generated such interest that this year it will be offering an optional Practical Workshop, to be held in their on-site industrial-scale pilot plant on March 12.

Workshop attendees will test the behaviour of various bulk material cargoes under different situations, taking note of the differences and the implications to port operations.

The workshop is designed for Stevedores, Operations supervisors, Port managers, Ships Masters, Port developers, Cargo superintendents, Equipment suppliers and Design consultants.

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