Leicester firm offers free software to maintain staff interaction

Mark Seeman, StaffCircle CEO

StaffCircle is offering businesses of all shapes and sizes a free 90-day licence of its people management software, as any office-related businesses are being strictly encouraged to enforce a ‘work from home’ model (at least for those that can).

Naturally, this triggers some concern from business owners, senior management or team leaders about how to engage, motivate and maintain performance of staff while working from home especially if this is a method of working, which for many, has never even been a perk let alone a necessity. It’s also a nervous time for members in HR teams to ensure productivity and staff culture is still met and personal performance is being achieved.

StaffCircle’s mission is to capture collaboration between staff, from top management and everyone in between. Complete transparency is also key but this doesn’t need to be a feeling of ‘snooping’ on staff to make sure work is being completed.

Mark Seeman, CEO explains: “You don’t need to be in the same room to directly engage with your staff effectively and if you do need to ‘keep track’ of them, get the right tools to help you do this, in real-time. You can still create a shared vision, motivate your staff, help them to achieve their objectives, set tasks and manage performance – now is the time to trust technology and put any prior nerves or uncertainties aside.

“It’s not just about the here and now, it’s also about the progression and ability to reward staff for their achievements and success in their work, which is key to motivation especially at a time like this.”