KPMG publishes detailed pay gap analysis

Credit: Pressmaster

Profession service provider KPMG, which has offices in Nottingham and Leicester, has published an updated analysis of the firm’s gender pay gap data, which includes partner pay.

The figures show a 27% median and 42% mean pay gap between KPMG’s male and female employees and partners in the UK and 11% median and 12% mean pay gap at partner level. The firm published its gender pay gap for the third year in a row in December 2017, which showed a gap of 22.1% (median) and 22.3% (mean).

Bill Michael, Chairman of KPMG in the UK, said: “Like many businesses our gender pay gap is driven by having fewer women in senior roles and it will persist until we reach gender parity across all levels of our firm.

“This is a critical issue for us. Having a diverse mix of talented people to advise our clients is fundamental to our commercial success and we’re looking at every stage of our recruitment and talent management process to help us do that.

“We’ve had particular success in our graduate and apprenticeship schemes and were the first of the Big 4 to achieve gender parity in our graduate hires. In our senior ranks 29% of people promoted to the partnership in 2017 were women and 40% of our Board members are female. However, we still do not have enough women in middle and senior management roles and our statistics bear this out.

“To tackle this our leadership has committed substantial resources to better understand the diversity of our business and identify the barriers preventing talented people joining and progressing through our firm. We publish details of our gender and ethnicity split by grade and these figures, which are published annually, continue to create real focus and a culture of transparency.”