Ideagen provides software to Saudi Arabia’s first flying academy

Ideagen, the Nottingham-headquartered software firm, has secured a project to supply software to Saudi Arabia’s first flying academy.

OxfordSaudia, owned by the Saudi National Company of Aviation (SNCA) and based at King Fahad International Airport, will implement Ideagen’s Coruson system for quality management with additional functionality and capability for safety and risk.

Coruson will be adopted for specific tasks such as the electronic storage and management of crucial operational processes, tracking quality and safety issues, identifying risks and analysing data to provide areas of operational improvement.

“Within aviation, it is crucial to be able to keep track of processes and the thousands of related pieces of procedural documentation that goes along with those processes, in order to maintain elite levels of safety and quality,” said Nigel Crompton, Safety Manager at OxfordSaudia.

“This project with Ideagen will ensure that we have the correct system in place as we look to establish and grow in Saudi Arabia and enhance our reputation globally.”

OxfordSaudia CEO, Larry Wade, said: “The use of Ideagen’s Coruson software is in line with our corporate vision of deploying the latest technology to provide the highest quality training in the industry with the industries leading providers who are known for the highest level of excellence, reliability and efficiency.”